Attitude 2 In 1

Recently I received a new Vox Box from Influenster. I was lucky enough to have received the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash from Attitude Hair Care. I really liked the product as a shampoo and body wash. It didn’t leave a heavy feeling after I rinsed my hair, I really hate that feeling. I also didn’t mind the scent as it was a lighter scent and not overbearing.

Why this is a great product for someone with Still’s Disease. I know many of us have enough chemicals going into our bodies, and some people prefer to buy products that are considered worry free. This definitely fits the bill. The brand says no cancer-causing chemicals and no reproductive toxins. If your looking for a clean feel without many of the extra additives, I would recommend this line. It’s available at Target, too bad the closest one is over 50 miles away, but I’d definitely pick up a few other items from the line while in-store shopping.

I’d love to know if anyone else has tried or used this brand and your opinions!

Attitude 2 In 1

Attitude 2 In 1

Trying New Things – Uncle Bens Basmati Rice

I’ve been away from writing now for quite some time. I’m beginning to feel comfortable again to start sharing some little things here an there. One of the new things I’ve tried and was sort of surprised that I received it from Influenster for testing was the new Uncle Bens Basmati Rice. A lot of my doctors have been pushing for me to eat better, since having Still’s Disease, it is believed that some inflammation may be able to be minimized by diet. I love rice, all rice, and would hate to have to quit eating it in total.

This Basmati flavored rice was amazing. It was a normal cook time of 20 to 25 minutes. It smelled so fragrant while it was simmering. I made it along side a nice sized Rib Eye steak, cooked rare, lightly seasoned with just salt, pepper, and a pinch of Old Bay. The rice mix was Basmati rice, wild rice, and orzo with herbs. Our son even ate and loved it. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, yes! I’ve bought it two more times now, there are three other new flavored grains as well, I’m stuck on this one, it’s that delicious!

Dyshidrosis aka Dyshidrotic Eczema, aka Pompholyx, aka Hand Eczema

Recently while reading through a few posts on an online support group I seen that I am not the only one suffering with this odd form of eczema. I thought I’d do a little more research and share my experience living with it.

What is this form of dermatitis eczema? Simple breakdown is this; Small fluid filled blisters appear on the hands, fingers, and feet. (for me it’s just my hands). Sometimes they itch, and sometimes they don’t. Once they break open, there tends to be dry, scaly, crusted patches that cover the area. For me it can be extremely painful and my skin cracks open. It makes doing dishes, taking showers or baths painful. I can’t take to wash my hair the way they are now. We are all different when and how we break out. Stress, cold weather, certain allegories, and working with chromium, cobalt , and/or nickel has been linked to people who have higher occurrences as well. Talk to your doctor for more information.

When I started to get sick and everything was happening all at once and way too fast for me to comprehend what was happening to me, thankfully a very good immunologist had me tested for HLA-B27. This simple little blood test is a positive or negative. You either have it or you don’t. in my case I am positive. Of all the tests of tying to figure out what was going on, this was an easy one to be explained. The HLA-B27 antigen in a positive person suggests a greater risk of having an autoimmune disorder. A few examples are Ankylosis spondylitis, Crohn’s Disease, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Reactive Arthritis. There are many others I am just naming a few so you can understand the jest of where I’m coming from.

I suffer from Dyshidrosis on my hands. I immediately seen a Dermatologist when this started years ago. however, the years of trying to figure what was actually wrong with me finally came to an end when I was diagnosed with Still’s Disease. You would’ve thought my Dermatologist won the lottery! Once he read up on Still’s and did some research, we began charting my occurrences along with fever spikes, and Still’s Flares. He has no doubt in my case when I’m stressed or when I am having a flare up, my Eczema flares up as well. Hooray something we can work with!

Full Side of Hand after bumps

Full Side of Hand after bumps

Small Blisters in the Beginning Stage

Small Blisters in the Beginning Stage

My hands have been in full disgusting, painful, crusty, ugly flare since Thanksgiving. This is the worst the eczema has been for me. The pictures attached are my actual hands this past week. For me it’s usually not bad. The bumps appear and the liquid drains and then gets crusty and goes away. Defiantly not happening this time. I use Triamcinolone 1% cream. That was working great, just not as well as it did before. I’ve been in a decent flare since Thanksgiving as well. As of tonight it’s been the dishwasher doing all the dishes, thank goodness for them. As for my hair, well it’s a mess. It’s been too painful to go through my normal routine, thankfully I have a husband that will help me wash my hair. Yes ladies there’s a few of them out there. I will probably give it another week, if no change I’ll call my Dermatologist and see if we can change the medication for a while.

Hopefully this little bit of information will help others to relate what we are going through with our hands, and some with their feet. I’ll end this with a question. What do you use to treat the eczema or do you have any home remedies’ that you could share with us?

New Year, New Hopes

It’s a brand new year, this is a time to start over, make resolutions, be optimistic, and hope for the best! Did I make resolutions? Well yes and no. Most of my resolutions deal with Still’s Disease and myself being an Ambassador. I really want to bring Still’s out more to the public as well as the medical community. Living in Maryland, let alone Western Maryland far away from the metro areas has it’s disadvantages to a vast choice of doctors. I plan to keep getting all of my doctors involved.

This past week was supposed to be a week filled with doctor appointments, however the weather did not cooperate. I was able to see my Pain Management doctor and had a mini meltdown while in his office. I’ve been in an active flare for over a month now. My right knee has taken the brunt of the effects from it. The pain all over on the pain scale is definitely between a 7 and 8. I feel like when I can get up and move around that my knee will pop out-of-place and I can feel the ligaments and whatnot are pulling and grinding. Thankfully, he is a great doctor and was able to keep me going. The usual filled my pain medicine, adding a muscle relaxer back into the equation. The next day it snowed and iced. My Rheumatologist had to cancel and reschedule my appointment for next month. I have to say I was disappointed, yet I still haven’t received approval for any biologics. I can’t even believe that I’m at the point of “wanting” to be on one. Maybe the insurance company will make a damn decision soon. I get step therapy and how it works, but seriously, I’m beyond tired of taking all this medicine. Next appointment was supposed to be with a Urologist, they canceled too until March. I’ve been dealing with pain in my right kidney for over a year, I’m sure two more months won’t hurt.

Mentally, I’m drained. I try to keep going, but I’m depressed. I don’t leave the house except to go to the doctors. I hate not having my own money. I hate that I have let myself get to this point. Every doctor says it’s normal and I understand that. I’m already on nerve medicine and the Cymbalta is supposed to help with the depression. I’ve explained that at this time I don’t need another medication, sadly each doctor has agreed. Pick and choose your battles, well for me it’s trying to move and function. I use my support group to vent as well as here. I’m constantly telling my friends make sure you take 10-15 minutes a day for yourself. I did today, Lavender Epsom salts and bubble bath. I do like a long hot soak!

Back to the New Year, do you have any great new ideas for resolutions? Feel free to comment and share. I really want this blog to be interactive and help others. Have questions? Feel free to ask anything, I will respond with my experiences or do the research and write-up as much as I can. Hopefully you are having a pain free day or moment.

Big Week Ahead

I’m happy to get back to reporting on my life and doctors appointments. Some may find this useful, others if not, oh well. Monday, Pain Management Dr. In the morning.  Will follow up with a post on that. Wednesday I am triple booked. Urologist at 11 am. 2 pm Neurologist,  then 4 pm for Rheumatology. I think to be safe I may reschedule the Neurologist appointment. They usually run long and my Rheumatologist is in Winchester Virginia. An hours drive away from here in Maryland. Again I will share all the fun details!

Just quickly I want to remind any of my readers it’s a new year. With a new year, comes new deductibles and copays for our insurance needs. Crazy, pathetic, annoying. Yet I am grateful to have medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage through my husband’s employer. Just be aware this is when the bills roll in.
Another note, it’s tax time. If your planning on filing check and see if you qualify for exemptions or special new deductibles and credits. In my case I haven’t worked, no income, no social security disability, no unemployment. Most likely we will have all of our Federal Taxes seized by the government for my college loans. Loans by the way which, according to social security, I am too educated to receive benefits.  I love that reason to this day. I might frame that letter!

Hopefully your having a pain free time at the moment. I’m not, I will be using a walking cane this week. If you have any pictures of cool canes or want to share, please do so. This is as open as anyone wants it to be. I’m not holding back!
Much love Crystal